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About Me

Hi, I’m Julia.

Digital creative and founder of brandedmilk!

I got my start in the digital world with a MA in Communication from USC. I then worked for boutique hotel brands, helping them transform their websites and increase onsite conversions. With a Google Adwords Certification, photography, and branding experience I transform your vision into a reality.  Just let me know what you need and I can help make your ideas come to life for your company or brand. 






Standing out is never easy. Let me give your brand the right visual representation and strategy to ensure that your brand tells a comprehensive story, leading to loyalty and brand recognition. A good logo helps you stand out from the masses, and can helps to introduce people to what you do. 

Web Design

Whatever webspace you need, be it a blog, shop, brand home page, impactful design isn’t just about a pretty landing space. In the digital world, web design means features and functions, usability and performance. Web sites tell the story of what your do and who you are.  A great site is easy to navigate, clean, responsive and most importantly tells a consumers what your brand is all about.  


The days of easy SEO based on back links, and keyword optimization are over.  Google now displays information based on what they believe is best for the user.  During web design, using basic SEO is important, but if you want to appear on google, you need great content and your probably going to have to pay to advertise. Let me help you create a realistic budget and optimized site to help people find you!  

Social Media

Social Media has quickly become one of the easiest ways to attract eyes and keep people engaged with your brand.  Social media is part of your tool chest that tells your brand’s story.  It allows you to interact with your following attract consumers to your site, and reminds people why they love you. Let me help you gain followers, to ensure your web presence is visible. 


Websites and Social Media require beautiful images.  Think of your images as an integral part of telling your site.  Great images tell a story. Let me help capture what is special about your product or personality.  


It is easy to miss things, and a fresh set of eyes can completely revolutionize your ideas.  Maybe you just need the tools and advice to create your website.  Whatever it is, I love helping people bring their ideas to life.  

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